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Video star Apk
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Apk is an abbreviation of android package kit it’s also known as an android application package. The use of APK is most common for android phones. It is a file format that android use to distribute and install apps.  You will find several benefits to installing video star APK. One of the biggest is getting access to any app ahead of time. When a major Google app releases a major update, it can take a long time for your device to get it. it is very –rich in features, and it is a mobile video editing platform that was created by Dashuai for Android.

Video star Apk

Introduction to Video Star Apk

It is an excellent app for that person who wants to create original videos. The app’s technology gives powerful tools to people to direct — and be the stars of — their videos.  Even in a minute, anyone can create an impressive, original video and share it with family and friends. But in the modern world, they should carefully consider what they include in their videos and where they share them.

Video star Apk

By downloading Video star apk download for android, Users can make their videos with music as well as visual designs like filters and effects. Using video star software from android may have complete tools to make videos that help users and makes it more accessible for less experienced users and even children. Users can add effects and filters once they are done recording they do whatever they want to.

Download video star Apk free, you can download this app without any payment, only go to your play store, and search the free version of video star pk pure .then find and download it with complete that same time, it will also be got by our legit place, provide the real and free apps for the use.

You can also install video star apk for YouTubers because You Tubers also need to install this app to edit their videos youtube is a place where users will have to become a trendy video blogger to become famous all over the world, gain the maximum number of subscribers on their channel and, of course, get rich. When you download video star apk for your android have one significant point is that users do not have to open their computers with more space to transfer the file. You can render or send you video to social platforms right from the app itself.

How Does it Work

The way it works is remarkably enough. You will give permission to this app to record photos and videos with your device. Once recorded, then you can crop your video, resining it and add other editing features like filters. You can make the sort of small video and extended video you want, and then send it out. Users can use it easily if you find any difficulty, then you can take help from the app.

However, the app itself is not going to record any audio for you. It does have a feature where you can add audio, however, so that you can still put music or any type of audio you want on your video. This work, according to the person, demands that is quick and faster than any other video apk.

Features of Video Star Apk

It is one of the most straightforward video editors that you can use to create Slideshows, slow videos, fast videos, free music, magic touch, movie effects, and many more. You can easily share your edited video directly from this app to social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc.

Video and Photo Editor

  • You can add magic effects on your video and photos.
  • You can add a frame to your videos such as rain, snow, and many others.
  • You can also make Gifs from your photos.

Mix Video Effects

  • You can edit photos or videos with the latest mixed movie effects.
  • Add mixed effects to videos and photos.

Slow Motion Videos

  • With time effect to make slow-motion videos or fast videos.
  • Slow-motion videos can make your videos more accessible and effective.

Add Music

  • You can add music to your videos from this app easily.

Slideshow Maker

Video star Apk

  • It allows you to make photos slideshows.
  • You can add effects and background to your slideshows

Add Sticker and Text

  • You can add stickers, memes, and emojis on your videos.
  • Offers text addition to give the perfect titles to the video.

Cut and Trim

  • Trim and cut the video according to the length you want or cut the part of the video that you don’t want to be in your video.
  • You will have Multiple backgrounds to choose from, such as black, white, blue, etc.

Save and Share Video

  • Export videos into your gallery
  • Share videos directly to any app.

Advantages of Video Store Apk

  • Simple video editing
  • Easy to find your videos in its gallery
  • Use can See other videos easily
  • Shareable on the social media platform
  • It is a very lightweight program that runs smoothly
  • A community feature that allows you to share and view videos
  • You can use cool and numerous filters to edit your video

Is it Secure for Your Mobile?

It is a 100 per cent secure app for your device it will never heart your device ever after installing will never share your data until unless you never want to share your information on your own. Video store apk app only works with the user’s permission with the legal term condition


I hope you will download video star Apk’s latest version as soon as you read this article because it is a precious place to get edited your video and gain more popularity on any social app or between your friends. You will enjoy it because of its unique and latest features. It’s very rare to have too many features at one ground, but video star apk has more good feature, and it is very authentic.

Video star Apk
  • Click on the green button given below
  • Soon your downloading will be started
  • Once your downloading is completed
  • Click on the install option
  • Congrats you have successfully installed the app

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